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Super Mario Odyssey's Peach Amiibo makes Mario wear a wedding dress

Looking good, Mario.

Apparently, Mario can don more than just the snazzy tuxedo from his Amiibo. YouTube channel FamilyGamerTV managed to get both the Super Mario Odyssey Switch bundle and a few accompanying Amiibos to show off in an unboxing video. What's interesting (other than someone who is playing Super Mario Odyssey ahead of the rest of the world) is that when the YouTuber gets to the Peach Amiibo, it turns out that the figuring lets Mario wear a Wedding Dress (as noticed by Nintendo Daily News).

Here's a screenshot:

Super Mario Odyssey's Peach Amiibo makes Mario wear a wedding dress

As you can also see in the image, the Peach Amiibo provides Mario with a Life-Up Heart to along with his new dress. 

In other Super Mario Odyssey news, the game is said to have the DNA of every 3D Mario game, that initially started with the Legendary Super Mario 64. The game also revealed some light multiplayer elements in a recent trailer that also showcased Cappy's abilities.

There isn't much time left until Super Mario Odyssey comes out, as it releases next week on October 27th, 2017 exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

[Nintendo Daily News via Gamespot

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