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Super Mario Odyssey "probably" has multiplayer, but Nintendo isn't talking about it

And other gameplay details.

We got a new look at Super Mario Odyssey during Nintendo's E3 presentation yesterday, but Nintendo didn't waste much time on details during the event. Luckily, the developers sat down to talk details after the presentation!

Super Mario Odyssey's producer Yoshiaki Koizumi and director Kenta Motokura sat down with TIME for a short interview revealed a number of gameplay aspects, as well as the possibility of multiplayer. 

Nintendo isn't ready to talk multiplayer for Super Mario Odyssey yet, heck, they won't even outright say yes or no!

"This is a game for the Nintendo Switch, so probably," said Motokura, responding to a question about multiplayer possibilities. "But I'm afraid we can't share anything about that today."

In the gameplay above you can see Mario using his hat to take possession of other characters in the game. Unfortunately, you won't be able to body snatch everything - enemies who are wearing hats cannot be possessed. 

It sounds like the hat could be a Player 2 in the future. 

"Mario has always been a hat-wearing character, but because of the new action involved in this hat, we decided to make it into a character," says Motokura. "Part of it was we wanted to have someone Mario would go on this adventure with, and there are more details about this that we'll be revealing at a later date."

On top of all this, the game will allow you travel freely through areas participating in whichever objectives catch your eye, but it's more about finding and collecting 'Power Moons.' These Power Moons unlock new areas with new objectives which help you progress through the game. 

Super Mario Odyssey is set to release on October 27th, 2017. 

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