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Super Mario Crossover is getting pretty ridiculous


The first time I played a bit of Super Mario Crossover I thought it was indeed quite nifty, letting players rampage through the original Super Mario Bros. with characters clearly not meant to be there, such as Samus or Megaman. It's the skill with which programmer Jay "Exploding Rabbit" Pavlina crafted the game which makes it more than your average fan creation, each character's movements and abilities perfectly replicating the code of their origibnal game. However as more and more characters were added, I started to question Mr. Pavlina's sanity, and having seen the trailer for Super Mario Crossover v2.0, I do believe he may want to consider talking to a professional about his full-on case of crazy.

In addition to adding a bevy of new characters to the game, v2.0 also lets players swap out the game graphics at will, regressing to the Gameboy's Super Mario Land ascetic, going 16-bit ala Super Mario World, or even using the sprites from Demon Returns? Wait, I can play as Haggleman from Retro Game Challenge? Wow... that's obscure bro. I guess Pavlina is a GameCenter CX fan.

Anyhow, watch the trailer video above, and get yourself amped for this nutty game. Are there any characters you'd like to see make an appearance in 3.0?

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