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Super Luigi U is the free DLC that plays like a new game


If you’re a New Super Mario Bros. U fan, you’re going to love the DLC coming out for it starring the plumbers’ younger brother, Luigi. As part of the ‘Year of Luigi,’ you’ll play through the same world as Mario but all the levels you know and love will be changed due to playing them as different character. This game is DLC for New Super Mario Bros. U and will be brought to you for the high price of: free.

Unlike Mario, Luigi has trouble with inertia. The skinny brother has trouble stopping after dashing. As a positive, Luigi is a better jumper. Not only can he jump higher than Mario, he can jump further. This will offer simpler platforming. Also, Luigi has less time to complete each level. He’ll only have 100 seconds to go from start to finish. This creates new challenges due to a lack of time to play traditionally safe.

Get your green overalls on savages, it is the year of Luigi. Super Luigi U will be out summer of 2013.

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