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Super Hexagon selling like delicious cake on iOS


An estimate of Super Hexagon sales figures has been produced by creator Terry Cavanagh. It turns out that the game is currently at about roughly 45,000 downloads. Considering the iOS game launched on September 6 — just over two weeks ago — those are some mighty impressive numbers.

"I still haven't really processed it yet," Cavanagh told Joystiq. "It is such a hard game, and such a niche thing. I didn't expect it to get the reaction it's gotten. I thought it would be cool if I made enough sales to pay for the phone I bought, it would be cool. I didn't see it doing what it's done. It's up to like 45,000 sold so far."

The developer went on to say that a company such as Zynga would be unimpressed by those sales. That definitely makes sense considering Zynga is a horrible company. Additionally, Cavangh stated that Super Hexagon sales blew launch sales for VVVVVV, an indie favorite, completely off the map.

Super Hexagon has been lauded for its brutal challenge and high addictive factor. It's great to see an indie effort like this making its developer some big bucks.


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