Sunset Overdrive's multiplayer Chaos Squad shown off in new video

Insomniac Games has released a new video providing more details on Sunset Overdrive's Chaos Mode, the game's 8-player co-op mode. The action-packed video not only shows off new footage, but also explains how the mode will work for those of you who were unable to attend E3.

Chaos Mode lets you and your friends craft your multiplayer experience by voting on a variety of mission types to complete in the open world. When entering multiplayer mode, you and your team get two mission options to vote on. When you complete the mission, two new ones will pop up and you will vote on those. These missions have different objectives and different Chaos levels that ultimately determine the difficulty of your team's final Night Defense Fight. The higher your chaos, the tougher your Night Defense will be, but you'll have a better chance to receive cool rewards at the end.

Night Defense is basically what the name sounds like. This portion of the multiplayer sees you fend off waves of enemies and protect your vats of Overcharge using weapons, traversal, amps, and traps as well. Before each wave, you'll have some time to place your traps, but you can also move and place them during the fight as well.

When the round is over, you'll be given a reward based on your Chaos. So if you survived multiplayer with a large amount of Chaos, you're going to get a greater chance at earning better rewards.

The video above gives you a more in-depth look at Chaos Mode, but you can read our personal impressions of the mode here.

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