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Sunset Overdrive's Fizzie is the internet's biggest jerk


The internet is full of hateful jerks. But even the worst people you've encountered online pale in comparison to that of Fizzie, the mascot for Fizzco's OverCharge Delirium XT, the drink that "unlocks your wasted potential" in Sunset Overdrive. The self-proclaimed "World's greatest mascot for the world's greatest drink" only created a Twitter account a few days ago (the same day Insomniac launched a viral site for Sunset Overdrive) and Fizzie is already making quite the name for himself as the biggest, most egotistical jerk around.

Fizzie's idea of fun seems to be snide remarks and shameless self promotion for OverCharge Delirium XT. He's egotistical, maniacal, and probably the best follow on Twitter. 

Fizzie isn't holding back either, tackling megabrands like Xbox and even Sprite.

That last tweet is what really got me. One thing is certain, Fizzie isn't afraid of making enemies.

Deciding to learn more about Fizzie, I reached out to Insomniac Games to see if I could conduct an interview with the mascot. Unfortunately, I didn't get the interview, but I did get what is possibly the best response from someone "clearly dealing with quite an inflated ego" (Insomniac Games' words, not mine).

“Fizzie says there’s no time for press interviews right now," the mascot's 'publicist' wrote back to me. "But if you drink more Overcharge, you can do an interview with yourself as the NEW YOU tells the old you how awesome this drink makes you feel!”

Like I said, a complete jerk. But one that's definitely worth following on Twitter, especially if you're excited for Sunset Overdrive.

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