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Sunset Overdrive enemies detailed


Insomniac today released the first of many looks at the disfigured enemies of their upcoming Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive.

“We wanted to do two main things with the enemies in Sunset Ovedrive: make them threatening and make a wealthy variety of them,” Insomniac said in the post. That longing for variety is reflected in this first batch of enemies, which are:

OD: These guys have a horde mentality and will wreck you if you’re sticking to the ground. We’re going to throw a lot of them at you all at once and they actually have a lunge that’s both quick and unexpected. So, while they aren’t the toughest to kill – the sheer amount of them makes them dangerous.

Blower: These folks are going to attack you at range with messy Overcharge bile that lingers around and damages you if you stay in it. And we’ve worked to make sure the consistence in which they fire is random and doesn’t feel too “patterny.” That plus the fact that Blowers usually position themselves on perches on the outskirts of battle, mean that you’ll have to strategically hone in on them with traversal to get the kill.

  Herker: You’re not going to like the Herker. I mean, you will – but repeated bulldozer fists to the face will bruise your friendship   with it. On a basic level, the Herker is a tank. He can take a lickin’ and keep on kickin.’ However, he’s also endowed with some   speed. One of his attacks is a beeline rush towards the player that will take out a huge chunk of your health if hit. So, the best     way to defeat him is to keep your distance and stay above him.

Scabs: Scabs are humans, but that doesn’t make them any less threatening than their more mutated brethren. Plus, their presence will actually make you switch up your play style. The normal Scabs fire assault rifles at the player from a distance. This constant ranged damage is a style that the mutants don’t fill. It will force the player to stay in constant movement in order to dodge the barrage of fire – all while trying to line up their own shots to take the Scabs down. 

Insomniac noted that these four are a paltry fraction of the game’s enemy lineup and that more will come to light in the coming weeks. More interestingly, “the Scabs and the OD will even fight each other,” meaning the game’s already chaotic combat will feature mutant-on-mutant brawls on top of the pain players will be dishing out. 

Sunset Overdrive will release for Xbox One October 28. To learn more about the game, check out our preview

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