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Sunset Overdrive 'all about dynamic traversal and weapons'

Killing hordes

If there are two things Insomniac Games is emphasizing with Sunset Overdrive it's dynamic traversal and unconventional weapons. Last week, the developer, in its first episode of Sunset TV, briefly talked how traversal will be one of the keys to your survival in Sunset City. But to effectively play and survive in Sunset City, you'll need to master dynamic traversal and the wide range of weapons at your disposal.

In a post last week, Insomniac Games explained how traversal, gunplay, and Style Meter all work together to create a fairly complex gameplay system.

"Besides survival, we actively incentivize players to traverse in the game with the Style Meter," explained James Stevenson, Insomniac's Community Lead. "Think of this as the main combo mechanic in the game, and one of the ways you know you’re playing well. By traversing, killing enemies, and especially killing enemies while traversing, you’ll build up the style meter. That’s important, as filling each level of the style meter will activate the Amps you have equipped. If you stop traversing or killing enemies, your style meter will decrease, and eventually those amps will deactivate."

Though more information about Amps will be shared this week, Stevenson described them as "power-ups you can equip to your player and weapons that will only activate if you're playing with enough style."

"By using weapons effectively, and by switching between them, you’ll power the style meter. Do that while traversing, and you’ll fill it up even faster. Getting to amps and even more awesome mayhem," he added. Traversing won't be easy  either. Stevenson explained "there is a skill level to dynamic traversal." This could include tapping the X button at the right moment to successfully pull off a wall-run around the corner, or pressing the A button perfectly to get a super jump off a car. All the while, you'll have to dispose of the mutant OD horde, SCABs and Fizzco Security trying to deter you. 

"Effective play in Sunset Overdrive is all about dynamic traversal and weapons," Stevenson said. "By playing with skill, traversing and switching your weapons, you’ll keep your style meter full and your amps active."

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