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SunFlowers is a gardening game for people who can't garden

If you're like me and enjoy gardening, but are limited by things like living in an apartment, or just not being good at gardening, than you may be interested in The Game Atelier's new PlayStation Vita title, SunFlowers.

Just announced on the PlayStation Blog, SunFlowers is all about growing flowers using chain-reactions. In the game, you control the Sun and have the power to grow flowers by shooting rays of sunlight through passing clouds. The sunlight, in turn, becomes water, which in turn causes the plants to grow. If a sun ray touches a seed or a flower, it starts to burn in which case you need a drop of water to put it out.

Once the flower matures, two new seeds pop out on both sides of the it. If one of them lands in an empty space it will be planted, but if there's already another flower seed it will bounce until it reaches a clear shot — which is how you make combos.

The world will be split into seasons, each with specific weather. You'll need to use the Vita's various features to get rid of the obstacles that arise with each season. For instance, in autumn some leaves may cover your flowers, in which case you'll need to lightly shake your Vita to brush them away.

In addition to the fast-paced gameplay, each flower grown goes directly into your virtual garden meaning people like me, who somehow manage to kill even the most basic tomato plants, can have their own digital garden. You can trade these flowers to friends or "near" players to eventually collect them all.

With three different game modes SunFlowers is appropriate for everything from casual to core gamers, but the most unique flowers are found in "Normal" and "Hard" modes.

SunFlowers offers 330 flowers, all based on real ones, to collect along with leaderboards to brag about high scores. It is set to release on PlayStation Vita this fall.

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