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Summer Stars 2012 & Top Gun: Hard Lock demos now available


If the Xbox Live Marketplace wasn't heating up enough during the month of May, two more demos have become available: Summer Stars 2012 and Top Gun: Hard Lock. 

Summer Stars 2012 features a variety of summer sports including diving, track & field, BMX biking, and much more. Using Kinect, you'll be able to become the summer star you've always dreamed of, and if that isn't enough, the title features several online multiplayer modes where you can compete against the "world's finest." 

Top Gun: Hard Lock features hours of intense, death-defying jet flying. You and your F14 will have to fend of pesky opponents to make the skies safe for your squad of jets, but you can handle that, right? Unlike Summer Stars, Hard Lock is an upcoming full-fledged retail title that will include a lengthy single-player for players to tackle. 

Futher details for both titles can be seen below, along with download links for each: 

Summer Stars 2012 Demo

Summer Stars Box Art

Price: Free 

Download Size: 1.32 GB

Description: "Whether playing solo in the expansive career mode or competing with friends in the addictive four player multiplayer modes, Summer Stars 2012 brings you an exciting arcade-style sporting experience. Take on a huge variety of summer sports and special challenges and see if you've got what it takes to bring home the gold this summer!" 

To download the Summer Stars 2012 demo directly to your Xbox 360, click here

Top Gun: Hard Lock Demo

Hard Lock box art

Price: Free

Download Size: 355.76 MB

Description: "Lock onto the Rush with Top Gun: Hard Lock and shoot down your enemies one by one! Take to the skies in your F14 to defend your fleet with some fancy flying. Take off and land on the air craft carrier and feel the burn as you break the sound barrier chasing MiGs at Mach II."

To download the Top Gun: Hard Lock demo directly to your Xbox 360, click here

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