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Sugar Cube brings the sweetness to Playism

You love cookies, right? Well, did you know that a cookie factory is like a sugar cube graveyard? Yeah, betcha didn't think about that while you were munching on some delicious oatmeal raisin cookies this morning for breakfast. Well, actually, I don't know if that whole cookie factory thing is true, but in the world of indie game Sugar Cube: Bittersweet Factory, it most certainly is.

An Independent Games Festival China 2010 winner, Sugar Cube has just landed on Playism, that awesome new digital download website that launched in North America last week. The game is priced at $4.99, which is pretty sweet (jokes!), and it looks like a heck of a good time.

Sugar Cube is a 2D puzzle platformer that requires you to shift between background and foreground in order to progress. For example, some platforms and hazards will only appear on one side, so it is up to you to switch perspectives to avoid danger and reach the end.

For a closer look at Sugar Cube, check out the trailer above. And watch out for our review right here on GameZone.

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