Suda51 Still Interested in Continuing No More Heroes on a Nintendo Platform

No More Heroes Screenshot - 88494

In an interview with Spanish Web site Revogamers, Grasshopper Manufacture boss Suda51 expressed an interest in continuing the No More Heroes series on a Nintendo platform.

When asked about the likelihood of No More Heroes 3 being on the Wii's successor, Suda answered, "Absolutely." He added that he would like for Grasshopper to grow and make the NMH franchise bigger, "so it is very important to me that Nintendo makes a great new console by then."

The translation is a bit rough, but it sounds like he hopes the new project with EA will help Grasshopper grow, and that he hopes to create a much bigger No More Heroes game when Nintendo releases a new console.

Seems like Suda is going to keep Grasshopper-developed NMH games on Nintendo's platforms.

Jacob Lopez
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