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Suda51's Killer Is Dead may have found a U.S. publisher

Killer Is Dead

Xseed Games may have taken on Suda51's next game, Killer Is Dead, before its release in Japan.

Kadokawa Shoten, which published Lollipop Chainsaw, is overseeing the Japanese release of this game as well. But Xseed — which saw big success with The Last Story and recently announced it was localizing Pandora's Tower, another role-playing game — might be interested in bringing Killer Is Dead to our shores, according to Superannuation (on Kotaku).

The publisher registered domains for killerisdead-game as well as and They expire in about a year, which might provide a rough timetable for a Western release. Killer Is Dead hits Japan this summer.

Suda51's studio Grasshopper Manufacture's last game was Black Knight Sword, which didn't do too hot. Killer Is Dead sounds more promising. It's coming for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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