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Stya and Selena have appeared in a short lasting Brave Frontier vortex gate


So while the vortex gate event in Brave Frontier is to capture the “Snow flower” Stya, this is also a chance to get invaded by Selena and have her drop. Sure it’s rare, as expected, but it can happen. Either Selena or Leviathan will invade but only Selena can drop. So perhaps in your Stya grinding or gem snatching, you’ll pick up the blue starter along the way.

Stya is a member of the Elemenal Heroes set alongside with Galant, Stya, Nemia, Zeln, Alma, & Oboro. Do you have what it takes to capture her? The notorious pirate has been pillaging the Sama coast. Just what is her relationship with Mega? What is her relationship with you? The dungeon is availble now from June 24 at 19:00 PST.

Best of luck!

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