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Study Shows That Video Games Can Help People with Lazy Eye


A study conducted at UC Berkeley has shown that video games may help individuals who suffer from lazy eye. Known in the medical world as amblyopia, the condition sees individuals suffering from slight vision problems and sensitivity to light among other symptoms. There aren't many cures for the condition, but wearing an eye patch over the healthier eye is often practiced as it makes the affected eye work overtime and effectively helps improve its state.

In Berkeley's study, 20 individuals wore eye patches while playing video games. They engaged in 20 two-hour gaming sessions with either Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault or SimCity Societies. This research resulted in 30 percent visual improvement.

A second study saw seven people wear eye patches, albeit without any gaming activity. Results saw no improvement. When these seven individuals were put through the 40-hour gaming experiment, they yielded the same level of increased visual improvement as the previous group.

So in short, video games are awesome, and they can help people. For all the crap that the industry gets from elitist anti-gaming jerks, it's good to know that our wonderful medium is getting some love in the medical world. So if you suffer from amblyopia, spend a few bucks to invest in some fun medicine: buy an Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

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