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STRIKERS 1945 PLUS Ready to Fly With iPhone, iPod Touch Fans

December 15, 2009

STRIKERS 1945 PLUS Ready to Fly With iPhone, iPod Touch Fans

Beloved Arcade Shooter Recreated for iPhone Now Available on Global App Store

WindySoft Co. Ltd. today announced the release of STRIKERS 1945 PLUS, a mobile shooting game set in World War II, for iPhone and iPod Touch.

STRIKERS 1945 PLUS, developed by Psikyo and X-nauts, sold millions of copies throughout the world for Neo Geo MVS System, PS2 and PSP. The newly unveiled iPhone version boasts all the features, including the seven air-fighters, of the original.

"Windysoft is very pleased to present STRIKERS 1945 PLUS, popular among gamers worldwide for more than a decade, to iPhone and iPodTouch gamers," said Chil-Hyun Baek, CEO of WindySoft Co., Ltd. "WindySoft will dedicate all our efforts to consistently providing Apple's App Store customers with the best, most entertaining mobile games."

STRIKERS 1945 PLUS can be downloaded from the Apple Global App Store at


Millions of copies of STRIKERS 1945 PLUS for Neo Geo MVS System, PS2 and PSP have been sold globally over the past 10 years, and the game has now been adapted for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch.

STRIKERS 1945 PLUS offers six different kinds of fighters: the P-38 Lighting, Flying pan-cake, Spit fire, Zero fighter, Fiat, Ta152, and a hidden fighter, Ascender. The gameplay hearkens back to the flying shooter games of the 1990s. Each fighter has three ways to attack opponents: default shooting attack, energy-charged attack and bombardment, providing old-school arcade action for iPhone and iPodTouch users.

Besides the traditional shooting action, STRIKERS 1945 is enhanced by field items that can be used immediately by the player to strengthen weapon power and supporting fire during a battle. In addition, fighters will get different sub-weapons from each power-up.

The Strikers series so far includes Strikers 1945, Strikers 1945-2, Strikers 1945 PLUS, and Strikers 1999.

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