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Strider Review Round-up

Strider 2014

Strider, the lightning fast ninja with a deadly slash is back and looking better than ever. Developed by Double Helix, the folks behind the actually quite awesome Killer Instinct for the Xbox One, Strider manages to go back to its roots as a hardcore 2D platformer with a gorgeous coat of next-gen paint.

While we're still working on our review, here are a few reviews from other outlets to make your decision a bit easier. Spoiler, the reviews are pretty damn good.

IGN - 7.5

"This reimagining of the original Strider establishes developer Double Helix’s firm grasp on the essence of the joy of movement that makes Strider Hiryu such a great character. It lacks environmental variety and a sense of fairness when it comes to some of the boss battles, but it shows great potential for a revitalized series."

Polygon - 8.5

"Penance notwithstanding, Strider takes most of the best parts of its lineage to heart. Double Helix has built a game that captures the wide-eyed exploration of 8-bit adventures and marries it to razor-sharp side-scrolling combat. It's not that Strider ever felt like it needed that combat sophistication — but it is all the better and more vital for it."

Gamespot - 8

"From the moment you embark on your journey right up until the final deathblow, Strider is a blast to play. Controlling this agile ninja feels empowering right out of the gate, and each new upgrade brings with it an enjoyable new way to engage your foes. While his world is a little drab there’s still plenty to explore even after the job is done. Strider is fun, pure and simple, and serves as a fitting revival of a classic video game hero."

Destructoid - 9.5

"Double Helix has really come into its own. Strider reminds me of a Shadow Complex with a much better combat system and a scaled-down exploration element. And that's perfectly okay with me."

Game Informer - 8.75

"In the grand scheme of things, these complaints are relatively minor. Strider is a great reboot for old-school arcade junkies and at the same time a fresh action experience for newcomers to the franchise."

Eurogamer - 7

"Had this game been released a decade or two ago, it might have been seen as a classic of its type, alongside Super Metroid and Symphony of the Night. But today, at the tail end of a wave of Metroidvania-style games, Strider fails to stand out. It's a competent, workable game that draws inspiration from the right places, but which is rarely anything more than a cover version of the greats."

Joystiq - 4/5

"Players will find the above issues unavoidable, but these minor problems are overcome byStrider's absorbing fusion of action and platforming, which is complemented by a solid, taut storyline and plenty of bonus elements. It would have been nice had Strider been a more difficult experience, but it more than makes up for its lack of arcade-style challenge with a rewarding focus on exploration. Long-forgotten franchises are rarely resurrected as successfully as Strider, and hopefully we won't have to wait a quarter of a century for the ninja's next adventure."

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