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Streets of Rage 2 Lands in App Store


Streets of Rage 2 has hit the App Store today. Sega's popular beat 'em up, the follow-up to the first Streets of Rage, is widely heralded as one of the most memorable brawlers of the 16-bit era and the best game in the series. Now, it's coming to iOS platforms via Apple's digital marketplace.

This version of Streets of Rage 2 features all of the levels fans of the original know and love as well as co-op via Bluetooth connectivity. The game also includes the usual round of touch screen controls that most users tend to complain about when playing remakes like this one on their iPhones. Streets of Rage 2 will run you $2.99 in the App Store.

I'm a fan of both Streets of Rage and Sega, but ports like these are hard to recommend. Though the average casual gamer may pick the game up and overlook the sub par controls, those who played the original version are bound to walk away disappointed. And with far better ports of the game available on Xbox Live Arcade and the Wii's Virtual Console, Streets of Rage 2 for the iPhone seems purely intended for mobile gamers who haven't tried the original and don't own a current-gen console.

Let's hope Sega's recent cease and desist against Bomber Games' Streets of Rage Remake isn't directly linked to the release of this port. I have a hard time to figuring out why Sega continues to release iPhone versions of older titles instead of working on a brand new game. If anything, I'd rather see Streets of Rage 2011 hit Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii. Who's with me?

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