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Street Fighter X Tekken Sony exclusive characters trailer


Capcom’s crossover fighting game Street Fighter X Tekken released a trailer for the exclusive PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita characters.  I feel with these characters, the word ‘crossover’ does not do them justice.  I would love to be in the board meeting that decided which characters Sony was going to add to SFxT

The exclusive characters include Mega Man, Pac-Man, Cole, and Kuro / Toro.  What variety!  Mega Man isn’t the robotic blue bomber we all know and love, he is the original Mega Man from the original box art.  It’s pretty hilarious.  He’s over weight and has a hand gun.  Pac-Man rides a giant tree-like mech.  Not what I was imagining but I suppose it works.

Cole is thankfully himself like we allknow and love from the PS3 exclusive game Infamous.  If you are wondering if he’s armed with his lightning attacks – he is. If Cole isn’t shocking (sorry) enough for you, the Sony icons Kuro / Toro also make a fighting appearance.  Will there be talk-show action, we can only hope.  The ‘Sony Cat’ Toro is accompanied with his black cat neighbor Kuro for a dynamic duo brawling.       

Check out the video below.  I still can’t stop laughing at Mega Man.  This is his destiny after all.  

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