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Street Fighter X Tekken sales below Capcom's expectations


According to a recent report from Capcom, sales for Street Fighter X Tekken are currently lagging. The company expected to sell 2 million copies, and it has pushed 1.6 million so far. That's just 600,000 units short of Capcom's expectations, and it's very likely the game will eventually reach those sales figures.

Other games from the publisher have managed to sell quite well. The disappointing Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City sold 1.7 million copies in North America and Europe. Then there's Monster Hunter Tri G, which pushed a total of 1.6 million units in Japan. That's right, one game kicked a lot of ass in a single country.

Now, if you're anything like me and don't have a mind for big business, you're probably thinking, "Hmm ... but that's a lot of millions I'm seeing." Well, despite the fact that Capcom games are selling, the company's overall profits are down by 13.8 percent for the year. Ouch!

I hate to say it, but can you really expect any other result? I mean, Capcom hasn't exactly made the best decisions over the past couple of years. Releasing rehashed versions of the same game in the same damn year makes gamers feel cheated. Add to that the whole on-disc DLC fiasco that pissed a lot of people off. Then there's that stupid gem system in Street Fighter X Tekken which made me regret buying the damn game after just a few play sessions.

Come on, Capcom.


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