Street Fighter X Tekken achievements revealed

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We're still two months away from the much-anticipated launch of fighting franchise crossover Street Figher X Tekken, and though we already know what to expect from the brawl-fest (punching, kicking, super moves, etc), the recently spoiled list of the game's achievements gives us some insight into the various challenges fighting game fans will be looking to accomplish. 

SFXT is definitely looking to reward players who learn the ins and outs of the combat system, with 10G achievements given for using 500 Cross Assaults, 500 EX Special Moves, 500 Super Arts, and so on. Bigger rewards are offered to players who can use these moves to end matches with a bit of flare, finishing 300 rounds with Super Arts or Pandora activations netting a solid 30G. 

However, the biggest rewards go to those who can dominate in the online arena. Achievements are seen for 100 matches fought, 300 matches fought, and a hefty 50G for your 500th match. Hopefully you pick up enough skills over the course of 500 games to actually win a few matches, with achievements available at 5, 10, 50 and 100 online wins. 

And to the player who unlocks all of the forty nine game achievements? You'll get  the "Zenith" achievement, worth no gamerpoints, just a serious dose of respect.

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