Street Fighter X Mega Man passes one million download milestone

Mega Man  Screenshot - street fighter x mega man

In a post made to Capcom Unity, Community Manager Brett Elston announced that Street Fighter X Mega Man (in combination with its V2 update) has surpassed one million downloads worldwide. While the milestone was reached, it's hard to tell the exact number of downloads; since the game is free, people could upload it to any file share service. They don't know how many people grabbed the game from another source, but they are sure they hit one million tracked downloads. 

Street Fighter X Mega man released on December 17, 2012 to bring the celebration of Street Fighter's 25th anniversary to a close, while marking the beginning of Mega Man's 25th anniversary. The most recent Version 2 featured improvements to the game's controller support and had your usual bug fixes. Street Fighter legend M. Bison also received some balancing tweaks. 

In continuation of the anniversary celebration, Capcom will have an MM25 pin available at PAX East and SDCC this year. 

mm25 pin

Even more good news, Mega Man 3 will arrive on the 3DS Virtual Console next week on March 14. Mega Man 45 and 6 will follow that and release each month after. 

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