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Street Fighter producer hospitalized, set for 'easy recuperation'


Street Fighter X Tekken producer Yoshinori Ono fainted at a recent promotional event for the game. According to Gematsu, his health quickly deteriorated while at the event, and he was rushed to the hospital immediately following his collapse.

Ono isn't expected to return to work soon. Thankfully, his health may not be too bad, as he is expected to recover soon. As posted on Capcom's official blog: "Immediately following a Street Fighter X Tekken event in Asia, Street Fighter X Tekken producer [Yoshinori] Ono’s physical condition suddenly deteriorated and he fainted. He was taken to the hospital, and is currently not in the condition to return to the workplace. Fortunately, it was not very serious. Look forward to an easy recuperation."

It's great to know that Ono's health isn't in serious condition. It's scary to think that someone so close to the industry could have experienced such an ordeal. I'm certain plenty of us are glad that Ono will be able to recover soon, even if he can't return to the workplace immediately.

Personally, I wasn't the biggest fan of Street Fighter X Tekken. After shelling out the cash for the Special Edition version, I felt that I didn't exactly get what I paid for, and I was pretty disappointed with the overall game. Still, that didn't mean I freakin' wanted the producer to end up in the hospital! I'm not some crazed gamer, after all. Here's to a speedy recovery for Ono.

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