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Street Fighter Monopoly is happening


I have two confessions to make, people. The first is that I've never owned a Street Fighter game. Sure, I've spent a bunch of hours playing the games at friends' and relatives' houses, but there is currently no edition of Capcom's popular fighter in my video game collection.

My second confession is that I've never played Monopoly. I know, I'm a terrible person for that. I apologize for offending any of you board game lovers out there.

Thankfully, both of those things are going to change soon. For starters, I'm getting Street Fighter X Tekken next month. Also, there's totally going to be a Street Fighter Monopoly game, and I want it!

News of the latest edition of the long-running board game came courtesy of Street Fighter artist Alvin Lee, who tweeted about his involvement in designing the cover. Be sure to head over to Capcom Unity to vote on which character you want to see turned into a Monopoly game piece.

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