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Stranger's Wrath HD still planned for Xbox 360, says developer

Stranger's Wrath HD

Developer Just Add Water has stepped forward to clarify comments made yesterday about Strangers Wrath HD not coming to XBLA.

“What I said was that we’d given up on Microsoft, not that we’d given up on 360,” studio boss Stewart Gilray said. “What I meant was that we’d given up on Microsoft doing anything with it.”

Microsoft approached the developer shortly after the game was confirmed for PS3, but later Microsoft changed their offer and voiced complaints.

"We said, ‘We’ve been talking to you for over 15 months, now,’” Gilray said. “‘We haven’t stalled. You’ve been stalling us. If you’d had come to us six months ago and said fine, we would have held back the PS3 version until the 360 version was ready.’”

Just Add Water is now in talks with two other publishers and is considering adding new content to the release.

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