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Story and gameplay detailed for Mario and Luigi: Dream Team

Mario and Luigi Dream Team logo and release date, nintendo direct

Today's 3DS-themed Nintendo Direct kicked off with some more Luigi titles. It is the Year of Luigi, after all. The first title to be talked about was Mario and Luigi: Dream Team. Iwata gave some more insight into the game's story and gameplay.

Mario and Luigi: Dream Team's story takes place on Pi'illo Island. It is an island where mysterious things exist. Mario and other characters are invited to the island for sightseeing. While everyone is being shown around, Princess Peach is kidnapped and pulled into a dream world. The gate to that dreamworld only appears when Luigi sleeps on a magical pillow with special powers. Mario goes back and forth from real to dream world, and gameplay for the brothers is different in both worlds.

Mario and Luigi: Dream Team battle

In the real world, Mario and Luigi work together to solve puzzles and in battle sequences. The exciting new battle sequences make full use of the 3D visuals. In the dream world, players use the bottom screen to control Luigi while solving puzzles in upper screen, like using an army of Luigi's in battle.

Mario and Luigi: Dream Team is due out August 11th on eShop.

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