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Hey you sci-fi, action, crafting folk, by now you are certainly familiar with Edge of Space. If not, there is literally no time better than now to familiarize yourself with the game. As of Friday of last week, June 28th, you can buy Edge of Space via Steam as part of an early access program. For a mere $12, you can be building a home base with your friends, crafting rare materials, and fighting off giant space sharks. If you wait too long the price will jump up to $15.

“It has been a long journey getting here, from Kickstarter to Greenlight, and now to Steam Early Access,” said Jacob Crane, Founder and one of the Lead Developers of HandyMan Studios. “Without the dev team and the community support the game would not be where it is today. We are both excited and scared out of our minds, but we're ready to gain feedback so we can continue to grow and perfect the experience!”

A beautiful thing about Edge of Space is that it was Kickstarter funded and Greenlight approved through Steam. What this means is that you, the fans, have wanted and demanded this title from the get go. It’s a wondrous thing that it is now here after growing from the ground up. The wait is over, jump in today.   

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