Stomping Land pulled from Steam following months of silence

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Kickstarter is a powerful tool. It allows developers to get funding for their projects early on, but there's one issue...There is no guarantee that the game will ever be made after reaching its Kickstarter goal.

When it comes to The Stomping Land, a game fully funded on Kickstarter ($20K goal, hit $114K before time ran out) backer's are a little apprehensive. On May 30th, an Early Access version was released on Steam, for $24.99 - after that the developer, SuperCrit, went silent for two months. There weren't any updates on the game (omitting the update from Valve - that one doesn't count; not from the dev), simply radio silence. 

On August 5th, the devs came forward to announce that there were no announcements because they were switching to Unreal Engine 4. About a month later, we are back in the silence and Steam has removed the game from Early Access, it is no longer available for purchase, and the dev has been stripped of their developer status on Steam. This means they cannot access the page that allows them to maintain their products.

In order for the game to be sold again, the dev has to prove that they are in fact working on the game instead of walking away with their profits (Kickstarter + Steam).

What do you think is going on? Did they take the money and run? Are they working on the game?

If you purchased it, are you going to try to get a refund? Let me know!

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