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Sticky Bees: Unleashed is a Kickstarter from Scribblenauts lead designer

Sticky Bees: Unleashed

By helping to raise $29,000 on Kickstarter, you could fund an iOS game about smashing bugs.

Sticky Bees: Unleashed is the sequel to an existing "slide-smash" game, which costs 99 cents on the App Store. The developer, Fourfire, wants to continue making the property, which it says fits well in the endless-runner format.

Players slide the King Bee into enemies and Sticky Bees, which forms a chain and raises the multiplier for when you collect pollen, the game's currency.

Funds for Unleashed will go toward creating fresh art as well as ensuring "a concentrated, full-time effort on programming."

The Kickstarter reads, "We believe that the addictive and easy-to-learn slide-smash play of Sticky Bees would fit perfectly into the endless-runner format that is free to play. No more looking left, up, or down — all the obstacles, enemies, items, and more come rushing and crashing in from the right side as levels scroll by and change as you continue racking up your pollen!"

Fourfire promises monthly content updates and more items and upgrades than before. It's calling it a "triple-A App Store effort."

Creative director Matt Cox has worked on the Destroy All Humans franchise and Scribblenauts. He's rejoining the game industry after departing in 2009.

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