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Sticks is now playable in Sonic Runners

A conspiracy, surely

Sonic Runners Sticks

Following a leak alleging Sticks was being prepped for a future update, the paranoia-prone badger from the Sonic Boom universe has officially made her way into Sonic Runners as a playable character.

Sticks is a speed-type character in the game, possessing similar score bonuses as Tikal and Werehog (i.e., animal and distance boosts of 37%). She won't beat out Sonic in terms of popularity, but anyone who has taken a liking to her escapades on the Sonic Boom show will appreciate the fan service. You can unlock her for play through the Premium Roulette, which will drain you 50 Red Star Rings to use. Landing on a Character Egg normally won't guarantee that you'll get Sticks, but there's increased probability of this happening if you do so between now and February 15.

To anyone holding on to their free premium ticket from last month: Now's a good time to cash in.

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