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StickNFind: the technology you never knew you wanted


Nothing can compare to the frustration of attempting to leave your house but being unable to find your car keys. If you can't relate to that...How about the time you misplaced your turtle? You know it was in your house last time you checked, but little Henrietta has gone missing, again! 

Imagine a day when everything you misplace can be found almost instantly. Imagine that, you know you can. 

The day has come; imagine no longer! Invented by Jon Mitts, StickNFind has created a free iOS and Android app that will help you discover every lost treasure that you've tagged with a 'sticker'. This sticker connects with to your cell phones bluetooth to help you locate said object.  If you never lose your cell phone you will never lose anything else, as long as it's tagged.

The most current version of the StickNFind app shows the distance of the tagged object by feet, but a soon-to-be update will lead you towards the object with a compass of sorts. If the lost object is playing hard to get you can turn on a flashing LED light and a faint "beep" sound. The app also comes with a "Virtual Leash" feature, this feature will alert you when you stray away from, say, Henrietta.

StickNfind has an estimated retail of $25 and is not being made available to the masses yet (seeing as it's in Beta), but don't get your panties in a bunch, it's set to be distributed in March. If you can't hold your elation back for any longer head over to Indiegogo to get a more in depth peek at this glorious creation.

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