Steve Kerr: 40-50 hours of play-by-play voice commentary featured in NBA 2K14

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The NBA 2K franchise has done a lot things right lately. Practically rebranding itself with NBA legend Michael Jordan, instilling eye-popping, current-gen pushing graphics and publishing weekly updates that keep players coming back for more. But above all else, the series has done a marvelous job at its play-by-play voice commentary, handled by the greats: Kevin Harlan, Clark Kellogg and Steve Kerr.

These three analysts have provided a replicated NBA commentary experience that features little repetition and accurate on-court analysis for the past few years, and according to Steve Kerr, it’s mostly in part to the amount of time the crew spends in studio recording voice over: 40-50 hours.

“It’s very intimidating early on in the process, because we do the work by hours, so I know going in to each year that I’ve got maybe 40 to 50 hours of work ahead,” Kerr said in a recent behind-the-scenes video. “The very first session we'll do 3 or 4 hours and I’ll finish and I’ll think, ‘Oh man, I’ve got like 47 hours left.’”

“It’s a great crew to work with, and we end up having a really good time together, and you kinda’ get some momentum and get the ball rolling, and then it flows from there.”

The rest of that video with Steve Kerr can be seen below:

If this video is any indication (i.e. Lebron’s block during this past NBA Finals), it seems as though fans are going to get another new 40-50 hours of commentary to “ball” with in NBA 2K14.

Source: [YouTube]

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