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Steve Jobs Voted Most Influential Gaming Personality of All-Time


The London Games Conference takes place next Thursday, billing itself as the ultimate networking event for gaming professionals. That being said, those supposed "gaming professionals" must have their heads up their asses, as a poll conducted in advance of the event billed Steve Jobs as the most influential gaming personality of all-time. Not Shigeru Miyamoto but rather the guy who made a phone that played games.

Did we mention they also voted the iPhone as the most important gaming device of all time? Holy hell...

Now granted this isn't a simple popularity contest, but rather a question of influence. There's no denying that the iPhone has given rise to a wave of casual games, and opened up entirely new markets. But to claim that the iPhone is more essential to gaming's modern state than say the Playstation or Nintendo Entertainment System, is ludicrous. Not to mention that pioneers like Miyamoto are what brought gaming back from its death throes following Atari's demise in the 80s, games like Mario and Zelda paving the way for nearly every game following. 

Though the late Steve Jobs deserves a lot of respect across a variety of industries, his contributions to gaming are minimal. Besides, the Mac is like the worst gaming platform ever! 

If this convention sets on fire and burns to the ground, I will shed not a tear.

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