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Steel Monkeys' 2 days to Vegas comes a step closer

March 16, 2008


First glimpse demo version just released

Steel Monkeys has completed the in-game animations and is currently finalising the cut-scenes for its eagerly awaited 2 Days to Vegas, thanks to the help of award winning motion capture company Animazoo. Steel Monkeys used two Animazoo IGS-190 mocap systems to achieve smooth and realistic animation and multiple character interaction within the game.

A multi-platform project, 2 Days to Vegas is a story-driven third-person action adventure game. The player takes the role of Vinny, a man who has just been released from Rickers Prison following a three-year stretch. He must help get his younger brother out of trouble during an intense 48 hour race against the clock.

The gangster-style story is crammed with car chases, shootouts and unexpected twists to keep the player on the edge of their seat throughout the game. The action is set in several major cities across the USA.

Steel Monkeys are best known for their work on Corvette, Bob the Builder and Master Rallye. Tim Dvoskin, CEO of Steel Monkeys, explained how the decision to work with Animazoo came about:

“While choosing the equipment for our animation studio we studied and tested practically all modern mocap systems on the market. We considered optical and magnetic but found they had their limitations. We finally chose Animazoo’s IGS-190 because no other modern mocap system can give such clear initial data, especially when shooting in difficult environmental conditions.”

Using the IGS-190 you can shoot in practically any location – outdoors, in a car or in a studio, wherever required. The actor does not need to stay within a defined area, shooting can be done both inside and outside the studio – whatever the action dictates. Single or multiple actor motion capture is also possible without the danger of occlusion or marker swapping to enable maximum natural interaction.

“There are high demands on animations and cut-scenes in games of this caliber,” said Ali Kord, founder and Chief Technology Officer at Animazoo. “Our system has brought realistic fast-paced action to the in-game sequences in 2 Days to Vegas. The technology delivered data of the highest quality and accuracy, bringing the game to life for the user.”

Tim Dvoskin continued, “As well as accurate data, the Animazoo system was really easy to set up and work with, our team of animators picked it up really quickly. We had only one objective – to get high-quality animation, we’ve achieved this and more for 2 Days to Vegas.”

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