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Steaming BS: Online Passes Can Expire


So you know how online passes are utter crap? Well, now there's more reason for you to hate the damn things. Apparently, online passes can expire. Say what?!

News of an online pass expiring came from a NeoGAF user who purchased a Greatest Hits copy of Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit on Amazon. The game was still in its shiny plastic wrapping, indicating that it was a new copy. So why the hell was the included online pass expired?

As it turns out, online passes aren't supposed to expire, but they can. Most of us thought these things were stupid before, but this just proves that online passes are horribly restricting pieces of poop.

EA did say that users can download new online passes for free if they happened to get an expired pass. While that's all fine and dandy, this whole situation still proves that online passes are no good. Seriously, this is one of the more ludicrous additions of the current console generation.

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