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Steam Offering 75 Percent off 13 Indie Games


Indie fans, listen up. Steam is offering an incredibly awesome deal right now. The digital game retailer is currently promoting The Potato Sack, a bundle of 13 indie games that's being sold for 75 percent off the regular price of the games. The Potato Sack includes Super Meat Boy, Bit.Trip Beat, Toki Tori, AudioSurf, and Amnesia: The Dark Descent.

The whole bundle will cost you $38.72, so you'll be saving over $100. You won't get a full 75 percent off if you purchase individual games, but you can get each for half off. Not a shabby deal any way you look at it.

The Potato Sack is most certainly an incredible deal for fans of indie games. And if you already own a couple of these games, you can give the extra copies to some of your pals. Or, if you're more ruthless, you can sell them to your friends for the original price, but that would just be mean.

Besides my fellow indie game enthusiasts, I highly recommend this indie pack for any gamers out there who have yet to be fully exposed to the wonders of indie gaming. Plenty of small developers offer satisfying gameplay experiences with their games, and due to the freedom they have, they can be as innovative, creative, and controversial as they want. If you're looking for a good investment, be sure to check out The Potato Sack on Steam. Additionally, those who own all the games in this bundle will get a potato hat in Team Fortress 2. Pretty cool.

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