Steam Summer Sale Day 7: GTA 4, Dark Souls, and Dead Island

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The Steam store hasn't actually updated with today's Summer Getaway Daily Deals, but that hasn't stopped Valve from announcing what they will be a bit early. There's actually quite a few blockbuster titles that will be available including Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition, Batman Arkham City, and Dead Island. There's also Grand Theft Auto 4 discounted, and with GTA 5's release right around the corner you may want to snag this one for 75% off.

There's no actual prices, but below are the games and how much they will be discounted.

You still have some time to grab yesterday's games for a discount, but even when the store updates these deals will be available for another 24 hours.

What games have you bought during the Steam Summer Getaway Sale?


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