Steam's Halloween Sale starts today, has over 150 games for cheap!

The Secret World Screenshot - Steam Halloween Sale

Hey all you Steam faithfuls, time to bust out those wallets and get some great games for a really low price. Since it is a Halloween Sale, expect to see a lot of spooky and scary games on that list. The savings are not too shabby either, ranging from 10% to 80% in savings.

The promotion will start today, October 29th, and run until November 1st, and has over 150 titles discounted.

So what can you get in this massive sale? Let's look at some standouts.

They Bleed Pixels

Dead Space Pack

Sleeping Dogs / Nightmare in North Point DLC

Amnesia: Dark Descent / Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs


The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

The Walking Dead

DmC Devil May Cry

Dead Pixels


...and many, many more!

You can check out the Halloween Sale here.

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