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Valve has announced that Steam In-Home Streaming, which has been in beta since January, is now available to all users. The new feature makes it so users to connect multiple computers in the same home, on the same network, so that they can install, launch, and play games anywhere in their home.

Steam In-Home Streaming allows users to play PC games on a lower-end computer, like a laptop or home theater PC, or any other computer running an operating system. If you can connect the device to your gaming PC, and then plug it into the TV, you essentially have a Steam Box.

When playing a game using In-Home Streaming, video and audio are are sent through the home network from the high-end gaming PC to another device. From there, the keyboard, mouse, and controller input is sent back to the remote computer. Bandai Namco claims that all of this happens in milliseconds. "With good hardware and a fast home network, you'll forget the game is running remotely," the publisher says.

We're testing out the system now and will let you know how it works soon.

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