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Steam hosting Japanese Indie Festival; discounts everywhere


While the PSN Store gears up for their Anime Sale, Steam is gearing up for their Japanese Indie Festival.

There are some pretty popular games up for grabs and some games you may have never even heard about before. If you're into Japanese games this might be the sale for you. 

Here are some of the most popular games discounted (to give you a taste):

Name Original Price Discount Sale Price
One Way Heroics $3.49 15% $1.74
La-Mulana $14.99 80% $2.99
Fairy Bloom Freesia $7.99 66% $2.71
100% Orange Juice $6.99 58% $2.93
Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae $9.99 50% $4.99
Astebreed $14.99 30% $10.49
Croixleur Sigma $7.99 50% $3.99
World End Economica $12.99 50% $6.49

Check out the rest of the games on sale here!

Looks like this is the week to stock up on Japanese games on both your PC and Sony consoles.

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