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Steam Holiday Sale Continues, Call of Duty: Black Ops 50% Off


I'm going to be pretty honest, today's Steam holiday sales aren't exactly anything to write home about. Last year's Call of Duty is half price (Call of Duty: Black Ops - $29.99), which is a fair deal, but you can expect the price to continue dropping now that Modern Warfare 3 has landed. The entire F.E.A.R. Collection can be had for $24.99 (50% Off) , which again is a fair price for the batch of well-recieved shooters, but not blowing our mind's here. Probably the best deals today are on the Prince of Persia series, with each game discounted 75%. If you've never played Sands of Time, $2.49 is a heck of a bargain, and you can skip over the schlock which is Warrior Within and move straight on to the third installment of the original trilogy: The Two Thrones, also clocking in at just $2.49.

More notably, you've still got three hours to snag yesterday's deals, including Sonic Generations for $10.19, Bastion for $5.09 and indie gem Terraria for just $2.49. Those are some prettty savage discounts on some very awesome games, so do check them out.

Also, anybody got coal to trade? One more and I get a gift!

- Vito Gesualdi (endlesschris on Steam)


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