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Steam Fall and Holiday Sale dates leaked?

Steam Sale

Sales, deals, price cuts! It's the season where everything you love, you can get for much cheaper. One such service that everyone waits patiently for to reveal its crazy holiday deals is Steam, and apparently, we might already have an idea of when to expect this massive sale to commence.

According to an email sent to developers from Valve, there will be two sales, the Autumn sale which would start on November 27th and run through December 19th, and the Holiday Sale which will run from December 19th to January 2nd.

Of course this isn't confirmed, so it is still considered a rumor, but if true, expect those wallets to hurt, a lot. Two big sales back to back is insane.

Steam just had a massive Halloween sale which had over 150 titles on sale, so I can imagine these next two sales will be just as epic.

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