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Steam beta to add the option to hide games in your Library

Steam Library

A feature I've been requesting for years now, is finally becoming a reality in the next Steam Beta program. As someone who buys a lot of bundles, gets a lot of beta games who become defunct once the game releases, or even MMOs that shut down (looking at you Star Wars Galaxies), I have a lot of games in my Library that I wish I didn't have to scroll through. All of that's becoming a reality.

In the latest Steam Beta update, one of the new features is the ability to hide certain games when using the Set Category option in the Library:

  • Add "Hide this game in my library" functionality, accessible from the Set Categories menu. Games that are hidden will not show up in library filters except for a new filter called "Hidden", which will only appear once at least one game is marked as hidden. Hidden games are still available for play and will still appear on the user's profile. 

Will there be games you're looking forward to hiding from the general public? Leisure Suit Larry perhaps?

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