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Steam achievements hint at new content for XCOM: Enemy Unknown, possibly XCOM: Enemy Within

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

A new batch of blank achievements on Steam suggest XCOM: Enemy Unknown is getting additional content, nearly a year after the game's release.

Spotted by Wario64, the achievement list is found through Steam's Global Gameplay Stats page for XCOM: Enemy Unknown. It includes more than 30 unmarked entries.

The big question is do these achievements have anything to do with the mysterious XCOM project? 2K Games recently confirmed the mysterious new XCOM project, rumored to be XCOM: Enemy Within, but didn't clarify whether it would be a standalone title in the franchise or some add-on content for Enemy Unknown. Given today's recent discovery I'm betting on the latter.

The truth is out there and we won't have to wait too much longer to find out. 2K confirmed they will be revealing the new project at Gamescom 2013 on Wednesday, August 21. Whatever the project turns out to be, it comes at an odd time as 2K is set to release The Bureau: XCOM Declassified for current-gen consoles on August 20.

[Steam via Wario65]

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