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Stealth Bastard sneaking onto PS3 and Vita, wants fans to change the name


Curve Studios, the good people behind the ingeniously crafted Stealth Bastard, will be spreading this sneaky little guy onto the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. After its successful run on Steam, it's time for this stealthy platformer to branch out.

Stealth Bastard forgoes slow gameplay in favor of faster paced platforming gameplay with a good dose of sealth action thrown in.

If you’ve not yet heard of Stealth B**tard, it’s our deadly stealth platform game with a fast paced twist! Following your birth in a cloning lab, you find yourself trapped in a vast and overwhelming network of dastardly chambers, replete with vicious, yet hilarious, booby traps and deranged robots! Your task is simple; stay out of sight and get to the exit. Persevere to the bitter end and you might just discover the secrets of this vicious world!

However, thanks to its somewhat rude and profane name, the team is asking for the help from fans, to try and rename Stealth Bastard into something... well nicer. If you have an idea for the name, head on over to their site and submit it. You could even win a PS Vita! Not too shabby. The last day for voting is April 14th, so make sure to use that noggin of yours and come up with something catchy.

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