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Steal Princess Survival Guide

May 8, 2009


In this issue of the Steal Princess Survival Guide, we will: touch on the dangers of molten hotness and detail some of the monsters you might encounter during your adventures.

As we discussed in the previous issue, survival in Steal Princess has a lot to do with thinking on your toes, being willing to stretch your brain in all new ways to figure out how to move forward. The trickiest puzzles are the ones that require you to think in three dimensions, so come into challenges with that in mind. Sure, sometimes it comes down to how to unlock the door ahead in order to advance, but you have to be willing to consider a variety of possibilities in order to actually find a path to your solution.

We'll leave such discussions for a later edition. Without further ado, this week's handy survival tip:

  1. Identify that it is, indeed lava. If it is hot and gives off a molten-ish glow, it might be lava.

  2. The safest way to cross lava is via a moving platform. Do not attempt to swim across.

  3. If any wisps are present, you may use your whip to swing over to dry land. (1)

  4. Be wary of undulating walls of lava. They are not your friend. They will burn you. Only good timing will save you as you swing across. (2)

Sometimes, the best chance for survival is knowing what you're up against. In the next few issues, we'll include a mini-bestiary that'll give you a leg up on the competition. Be warned: monsters may appear larger and more deadly in person.

That concludes this week's installment, and we do hope you've had as much fun as we did. Look for more juicy insider info in the following edition of the Steal Princess Survival Guide, where we'll teach you how to fuddle with a spluddle, cast your eyes upon a lovely prize (of artwork), and slip the latest tip on how to make the most of your treasure-hunting, puzzle-solving adventures.


Until next time!

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