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STCC The Game Released on Steam

October 23, 2008

STCC The Game Released on Steam

SimBin informs that they have released STCC The Game on Steam to let the world get a taste of Scandinavias finest talents and race tracks.

The tracks in STCC The Game are short, technical and intense rollercoaster rides, perfect for an action packed racing experience. Not only a pack of tracks are included but also new car models such as the Audi A4, Volvo C30 and the Camaro Cup series which has already become a hit on the busy online racing servers.

“We have spent a lot of effort on track details and environments to recreate the real thrill of Nordic racing and its atmosphere and the response from the Nordic territory has been awesome” said Jay Ekkel, Producer at SimBin.

Several of the Nordic tracks have never been seen before in virtual racing, and were unknown to the broad public outside Scandinavia until STCC The Game. But now eyes have been opened and current reviews are emphasizing the sheer fun-factor of them as one of the highlights of the title.

STCC The Game will automatically combine with “GTR Evolution” to allow for complete integration between the titles. All cars, tracks and features from both games will be available at your fingertips, creating an unrivaled racing experience.

STCC The Game is based on RACE 07 and can be bought on Steam as an expansion or bundle:

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