Stay dry with this Resident Evil 6 umbrella brought to you by Umbrella Corporation

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Umbrella Corporation may be responsible for every single bad thing that has happened to the world in Resident Evil, but they are looking to win the support of citizens by keeping us dry.

As an incentive for pre-ordering Resident Evil 6 from the Capcom Store, you can receive a full-size custom Umbrella Corporation umbrella, for FREE! See that, Umbrella isn't all that bad!

The umbrella, which is modeled to resemble the Umbrella logo, includes a custom sleeve to carry in it and will keep you dry even on the worst of days. When I say worst, I mean weather-wise, not zombie apocalypse.

The only catch is that you need to pre-order Resident Evil 6 from the Capcom store. Supplies are limited so do so quickly!


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