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State of Decay releases on XBLA

State of Decay, shooting zombies

State of Decay from Undead Labs has launched today, June 5, on Xbox LIVE. The zombie game will cost 1,600 MSP ($20). 

In State of Decay, you choose where to make your stand in the apocalypse. You design and fortify your base, perform raids for food and ammunition, and rescue other playable survivors with unique talents. The game sounds amazing and I can't wait to play it. Zombies in a dynamic open world that is shaped by your actions? Sign me up. 

Though there's no word of a PC port yet, Undead Labs did announce they were working on a zombie MMO in 2009. Then in early 2011, the company revealed a game with the codename Class3. It was described as an open-world zombie game, and that would be a precursor on XBLA to its MMO. That game, of course, was State of Decay. With good reviews coming out for State of Decay, I'd be excited to see what the MMO would be like.

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